Thinking outside the box


 The objective of the club is to give the home schooling children of the Kettle Valley a place to gather in a learning environment, to share educational goals, and to build lasting friendships. With the help of a qualified teacher, along with parent volunteers, the children will receive individual-need-focused attention helping them to achieve a better understanding of any given topic.

Program Times:

I believe that the act of sharing food can’t be overstated in building social relationships, so I would like to see the program have an optional noon start. Kids who wanted to come and share food between noon and one would be encouraged to bring lunch for themselves along with a dish that others could share, with educational activities scheduled to run from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  
I believe Friday’s would be the most appropriate day for this one-day-a-week program so kids in school could attend if they wanted to and get help with subjects they are struggling with. If another day of the week is better f0r scheduling, an effort to have school kids come after classes from 4-5 could work too.


This would be a self directed learning group with a focus on core subjects like reading, writing, and math. Art, music, languages, geography, humanities, theater, permaculture, social responsibility, empathy, as well as, computer technology and the trades can be studied. Really the list is endless. When an interest in a certain subject is expressed, a study program can be developed to help the kids pursue their educational goals, while pointing out how the core subjects mentioned above are being used to achieve their objectives.  


The program would be offered to all ages, however if a child under 7 wants to attend, a caregiver would be required to stay and assist with the groups daily activities. A concerted effort to include teens right up to seniors as visitors, workshop facilitators, mentors and participants would be encouraged. (We never stop learning)


I have spoken to a couple of people about possible grants that could be used to pay a teacher one day week to lead the program. Possible funding sources. Regional District, Kettle River Rec, the Medical Society, The Lions, The WI,  just to name a few.
We could consider a small drop-in fee but have a no one is turned away policy.
Fund raising events organized by the group could raise the funds we need for field trips and other supply needs. Donations of supplies and financial support would always be sought.

Possible locations are the medical centre, Rec centre, or St. Mary’s church which has been offered for the cost of heating, of course I’m very open to suggestions on where the program can be run out of. A donation of the space would be preferable to renting but a funds could be sought to pay for rental of a space.

Length of Program:

On our first run I believe we should commit to a six month program running from the first week of October till the last week of March. Depending on the success of the program, a year round schedule could be explored.  


Program Coordinator
Erika Tafel

Cell:    250 528-1000 (text)
Res:     250 446-2156

Looking for suggestions and other groups with experience


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