Memory Lane

SHAWBRIDGE is the screenplay adaptation of SLAVE TO THE FARM and I’m thrilled to announce: 

The adventure continues in the quest to bring it to a feature film. 

This August 2016, the SHAWBRIDGE crew meets in Montreal to visit some of the old haunts and take a stroll down memory lane. I’m crossing off the days until I fly. 

In October, I flew to New York and met my director, Cathy Scorsese, for the first time. When I was writing SLAVE TO THE FARM, just  meeting Cathy would have been the apex of achievement for me.  Having someone of that caliber reading my book seemed completely out of reach. 

Turns out it was only the beginning. Also turns out we still have far to go. 

This trip is one more step towards our goal. Stay tuned and thanks for taking this ride with me.