Love & Music


When I finally  finished  the first draft of Slave To The Farm, I didn’t have any names for my chapters. I really just considered calling them chapter one, two, three, etc but my good friend and neighbor talked me our of that flat decision. So, I set my mind to coming  up with good chapter titles, and then sat staring at the computer screen for a long time with no inspinspiration.
I had thought of Pink Floyd’s, We Don’t Need No Education, for the first chapter weeks earlier, but it was the only chapter title I had. I had decided not to use it because the acual title of the song is, Another Brick In The Wall, but then I remembered,
“Oh ya, this is my circus. I can call the chapters anything I want.”
The idea of naming the chapers afer the songs that I had cried my heart out to and sang along with for years seemed perfect.  As I said in my book, music is a universal language that we all understand.
Any one of my chapters could have been named any one of a dozen songs. There were just so many to choose from, and sometimes I used a song that wasn’t or still isn’t my favorite but the titles I ended up using are all meaningful to me.
What does your life sound track look like?